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Our Pricing Structure

Process Service

We make three attempts on standard serves. However, we know that sometimes the serve requires more. We’ll work with you on this, many times at no additional costs.

Routine Service

$85.00. Includes at least three attempts. We’ll work with you on this.

Rush Service

There will be a nominal additional cost in most cases usuually around $25.00.

Bank Levy

These types of serves can get complicated. Usually around $100.00.

Travel Fees

We do not charge anything extra for serves in our area. Usually within 20 miles. Otherwise, about $.50 cents per mile for one-way costs.

Skip Tracing

See our costs in the next column over.

Stake-Out Fees

$50.00 per hour. First 1/2 hour is on us.

Printing Fees

Usually nothing. However, if you’re going to send us more than 10 pages of documents we’ll have to consider adding an additional fee.

Skip Tracing

Can’t find your subject? This is where we excel. If you require us to do a skip trace, we’ll happily take care of that for you. There is an additional cost, however, so see below.

Regular Skip Trace

Stand alone skip traces are never more than $95.00. If it involves serving papers, then we charge an additional $55.00 to the serve.

Phone Searches

These are stand-alone searches. Usually around $50.00 – $75.00 to provide you with accurate, verified phone numbers.

Asset Searches

Trying to find assets? This is a great search to conduct BEFORE litigation. Call us for details, but usually around $119.00.


All private investigations are conducted through D & I Security – a licensed Detective Agency out of Chicago, Illinois. (Detective License No. 117-001691).  The costs vary so much that you’ll need to give us a call.

Call For Details

Please call us for details. There are so many differnt types of investigations that we simply cannot provide an exact cost. You may also call Ilija Dragisic, D & I Security, at 800-966-3059. I am an employee of D & I Security.

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Process Service Packages

Multiple subjects at the same address? We offer a very nice discount for same case document delivery. Occurs frequently when serving a business.


I am an Arizona Ceritified Process Server. My qualifications are a matter of public record, and located at the courthouse in Tucson, Arizona.

Mobile Service

Having difficulties providing us with your legal documents? Call us, and we may be able to come by and pick them up.


Simply email or fax your documents to us. Our fax number is 877-819-2454 and our email is contact@marksattorneyservices.com

What We Do.....

  • Service of Process
  • Skip Tracing
  • Private Investigations
  • Competitive Prices
  • Multiple Serve Discounts


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